My Labyrinth- a Walk with Meaning

Labyrinths are ancient symbols seen throughout many cultures. Symbolizing a return (to one’s true inner self, to Mother Earth, to the womb of creation), labyrinths provide a mindfulness opportunity as we walk and meditate. A single path in and the same path out- no confusing maze here. Instead, as we walk we stay connected to the cyclical rhythm of nature-  a spiraling in, a spiraling out.

I’ve been in love with labyrinths ever since I was introduced at 18. A spiritual teacher brought me to one where there were journals to write in afterwards. The walk helped me connect with subconscious worlds and the poetry I scribbled after was healing and liberating.

Now in my 30s I have land to claim as my own. (Although I question the validity of “owning” another living thing, I like to think of my land as a guaranteed physical relationship to the plants and animals on it.) The creation of my own labyrinth began earlier this year. It began with designing, measuring, marking the grass, clearing away the path and upkeep. It became a whole family process. My children were outside with me for long days of helping and exploring. Now they like to race each other inside to the center and back out again. My husband and I also take strolls inside hand in hand. I’m hoping to eventually grow herbs lining the path and put gravel down so I no longer have to mow. I’m thinking an apple tree planted in the center sounds about right, too!

The most amazing discovery occurred this week with my labyrinth: with a diameter of 100 feet, it can be seen from space! I found out it is visible on satellite google maps. Now I know airplanes can see it for sure!


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