You are at the end of your rope. Unraveled, you sun yourself on my front lawn before winding yourself up again. “Tighter next time,” you say and begin to spiral your strands so tight so as not to let in any wind or light. 

   Carefully taking yourself out as little as possible, you stay in a dark drawer beneath the stairs and with every step you hear, you hug yourself tighter until you begin to forget your function.

   Years later a child finds you enshrouded in dust, but you are exactly what she needs. A yoyo, a kite, you begin to take flight until you find that unraveling is exactly what you needed.

I am Ocean

I am Ocean 

whence realizing 

I am Night Sky 

flicking light upon 

a glass mirror 

holding messages 

of Stardust, 

Sea salt and 

splintered pier.

The Hammock 


I am a star encased in a mother’s canopy of milk and celestial light. 


Cocoon me softly between velvet lace and the earth’s sweet hay tonight. 


Sway me slowly, hip bones smiling, I make peace with this sailing kite. 


Let the world rest as I lay waving. A weathered flag: I reach for flight.

Great Mother part 1


Once, long ago, we lived organically along curved and changing spaces. Our ceiling was the stars orbiting through the seasons. Our floors were the soft grass and speckled blossom. Our neighbor was the ever roaming deer.

We all danced the circle of life and death and our natural homes enabled us to accept change and transition. It was then that we were in relation to the earth for who She is- Great Mother. It was then that we knew ourselves as part of nature.

And then we departed from our fellow creatures and imagined we could better control our worlds by building predictable structures with even walls and stationary floors. It is this that gives us a false sense of comfort that our lives will only change when we say they can. Over the centuries this idea has driven us to do more, advance technology more and structure our lives into seemingly neat little boxes.

In exchange we have gained better control over our physical needs but was this a sacrifice on our psychological needs? Are we no longer able to except the truth… change is inevitable and death is natural? Have we prioritize our false sense of control over our real home and in doing so, sacrificed the health of our planet?

Empty Spaces

Observe the empty spaces       between our ideas               gravitating closely these     primordial black holes        collapsing inward                 collecting boundaries                    from one moment to the other         all seeds sprung                                from darkness.

Arrive Nomad


Arrive nomad

communicate with each other

flower to flower

spirits of fellow thinkers.

Little lights on worn pages

you see things others cannot

when venturing inward.

Finding home,

you are daring adventure.

New Beginning


When I was younger I blade of grass fascinated me. I felt like the whole world collected in the lip of the horizon and the sky breathed me into being. I adorned myself in a cascade of Queen Anne’s lace – a bride to the earth herself.

Now, finally back to living in a wild and open space, today feels like a good beginning to look again and let the cool breeze shape me once more.